Workshop Exploring Global Design

Ecole Bleue is one of the leading university in Paris, France specializing in the design industry. For more than 20 years, Ecole Bleue has grown to meet the academic and environmental requirements of Global Design (including interior design, graphic design and graphic design). ADS is honored to host students from the International Student Exchange program, so that Vietnamese and French students have time to learn about cultural differences and styles.

Upcoming, February 2018, ADSer friends will be sure to hand in the tickets to the beautiful city of Paris to participate in the exchange session at Ecole Bleue.

On August 26th, students from Ecole Bleue University hosted the workshop Exploring Global Design for you to discover more about Design. The French students have shared the process of making their own products in the process of learning, from conceptualization, sketching, and distribution.  They also covered product development, the process from idea to tangible product.

In addition, they prepared other activities such as:+ Picture Sketching – gives students the closest way to approach original ideas to create logical analytical skills. Hand-draw your imagination and allow you to think through ideas.+ Creative with color – Color is a very dangerous weapon in design, color has the ability to alter the entire product, the French students brought a useful activity “Creative Coloring and Picture Matching” in order to get young Vietnamese associated with monochromatic colors.


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