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Today, more than ever before, Arts and Design has catapulted to international significance, influencing places, products and people around the globe.  And at ADS Vietnam Design Institute, a student will have an amazing opportunity to impact on the changing visual world in the future.

From the moment arriving to our Institute, one will feel surrounded by a creative energy that is unmatched anywhere. Our nurturing faculty all practicing professional Artists, Designers and Lecturers – become their mentors, challenging the students to stretch the boundaries of their imagination. They take the art to places students never thought possible. The student will be immersed in an environment that celebrates their artistic passion, strengthens their visual voice.

But don’t take our words for it.  Discover the successful stories of our graduates.  We would like our students to take their places among the best and brightest artists and designers of tomorrow.  Join our creative revolution and look forward to a brilliant future!




ADS Vietnam Design Institute was established with a clear mission to become the leading professional school of art and design in Vietnam, specialized in providing design education on multiple levels of professional development for people who love creative arts.

Quality is always our top priority. We provide high quality training programs on international standards with modern methods of teaching and learning that are constantly updated according to world-class curricula. Our programs help students develop their creative ideas and abilities to the maximum.

Our local and foreign lecturers are always caring, supportive and willing to share with you their knowledge and practical experience. They will help you realize your potentials, build your confidence and develop your creative abilities to take solid steps in your career.

Coming to ADS, you will become more talented in creative fields such as Interior, Product, Visual Communication, Fashion, and other fields that need creative skills.

ADS Vietnam Design Institute

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