Btec program will be taught in English in ADS Vietnam Design Institute and students who complete Btec program will be awarded Diploma Certificate, that is approved by Btec and recognized internationaly. Students can go to work all over the world or continue to learn 1 or 2 years of University in UK or other countries to receive Bachelor Degree.


The program Btec BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Art and Design in Vietnam, offering 3 majors:


    • Btec HND in Fashion and Textiles


    • Btec HND in Graphic Design


  • Btec HND in 3D Design (Interior / Product Design).


Btec Board will annually visit and investigate education quality at ADS Institute.








We teach from the heart, we teach for life!


With Btec HND in Art & Design, we understand, and are deeply committed to, a new way of teaching that engages mindfully with students in a process of mutual exchange in which learning is shared. Our teachers value students as independent, thinking and striving human beings. They seek to work as collaborators with students and acknowledge the constant need to themselves learn and refine their practice to sustain outstanding teaching and learning.


5 principles of high-quality tertiary-level teaching:


  1. Adopt approaches to teaching that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn
  2. Develop curricula and resources that reflect a command of the subject field
  3. Adopt approaches to assessment and feedback that foster independent learning
  4. Respect and support the development of students as individuals
  5. Participation in (scholarly) activities that influences and enhance learning and teaching


Our approach at ADS may best summarized in the metaphor of a string. The image is that meaningful education is like laying out a string along which the learner proceeds in his or her own way and learns to inquire and create and push the string around in a process of discovery. The beauty of this image is that it incorporate both structure (students cannot just do anything they want) and the space for students to explore that structure, question it, modify it and basically learn to do so independently, as they must in the real world!






Btec is a part of Pearson, the professional awarding organization, offering academic and vocational qualifications (UK) and inspiring training solutions to schools, colleges and other organizations globally in more than 100 countries in the world.


As mentioned above, there will be the investigation of educational quality annually from Btec (UK) to their partners around the world. We know that the certificate is important, but it is not our ultimate goal that we aim to do. Instead, we encourage your continuous learning spirit with the purpose of building an infinitive knowledge treasure for yourself.


16 August 2013

Rod Bristow’s message to students, teachers and parents on this year’s exam results




“Congratulations to all students, teachers and parents on this year’s exam results.
I hope you’re proud of your achievements and feel confident about taking your next steps – whether that’s continuing with your education, starting a new job, or going into further training.

We understand how precious qualifications are and that’s why we take great care over their quality and standards.

Of course if you don’t do as well as you’d hoped, it’s not the end. Passing an exam is important, but is just a tiny snapshot in time. There’s always another way, another route to doing well at what you want to, provided you never give up on learning… on aspiration.”


NTT Institute Of International Education (NIIE) 


With the aim of creating opportunity for Vietnamese students to study international quality education, NTT Institute Of International Education (NIIE) was established in 2008, under the management of Nguyen Tat Thanh University, regarding to the official approval no. 4967/BGDĐT-TCCB from Ministry of education and training. Currently, NIIE is a main partner of Btec in organizing the program BTEC Higher.