Mr Kamran Souresrafil

ADS Vietnam Design Institute is pleased to have Kamran Souresrafil, a graduate of the University of Razi – France, to receive the 3D Graphic Trainer, Animation.

Mr. Kamran has 16 years of experience in various industries, including:

  • Animation
  • Open/End credits
  • Producing special effects
  • Working for Nike, National Geographic

He has also worked for famous artists like Timbaland and Marilyn Manson. RedZen:NA-Muspell – MU Legend Redzen Redzen As for his past teaching experience, Mr. Kamran taught 4D Cinema at the Saint-Ange International School in France. To us, Mr. mu legend zen for sale Kamran is crucial to ADS’s atmosphere. In addition to being a professor at ADS, he is also working on a 3D film project for Drox’s virtual reality headwear. ADS Vietnam Design Institute 🏠 143 Ly Chinh Thang, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City 📞 Hotline: 0911 139 776 – 0911 153 776 🎯 Website: 🎯 Facebook: