Mr Kamran Souresrafil

ADS Vietnam Design Institute is pleased to have Kamran Souresrafil, a graduate of the University of Razi – France, to receive the 3D Graphic Trainer, Animation.

Mr. Kamran has 16 years of experience in various industries, including:

  • Animation
  • Open/End credits
  • Producing special effects
  • Working for Nike, National Geographic

He has also worked for famous artists like Timbaland and Marilyn Manson.  As for his past teaching experience, Mr. Kamran taught 4D Cinema at the Saint-Ange International School in France.  To us, Mr. Kamran is crucial to ADS’s atmosphere.  In addition to being a professor at ADS, he is also working on a 3D film project for Drox’s virtual reality headwear.

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