Vision & Mission



To educate, inspire and motivate a bold, new generation of international designers and leaders become a part of a vibrant, energetic learning community, where we are supported and encouraged to do our best and to take purposeful and proactive responsibility for truly sustainable social, ecological and economic change with the humanistic meaning in a challenging, immersive, and collaborative environment that celebrates human diversity in a unique Vietnamese cultural context.


Visual  arts  professionals  must  understand  diverse  aspects of  past  and  present  cultures,  and develop  their  capacity  for  creative  expression  and  effective  communication.  ADS  Vietnam Design  Institute recognizes  that  artists  and  designers  play  a  significant  role  in  both  the Vietnamese  and  International  society.  The  Centre’s  primary  mission  is  to  provide  programs leading  to  degrees  that  prepare  students  to  be  the visual  thinkers  and  ethical  practitioners  in  their  chosen  area  of  art  and  design.

ADS  curriculum,  therefore,  balances  the teaching  of  technical  knowledge  and  skills  with  the development  of  critical, conceptual  and creative  abilities  and  supports  courses  that provide  multicultural,  global  and  sustainable  perspectives.  ADS  faculty  consists  of  professional  teaching-oriented  artists,  designers  and  scholars.


As an educational private institution, ADS Vietnam Design Institute believes in fostering the artistic and academic excellence of our students and faculty.  Our ADS is in charge of cultivating intellectual curiosity, risk-taking, collaboration and innovation.

Freedom of Expression

The freedom of risk-taking is a vital key for art-making and art education. We celebrate different opinions as participants in the global and local creative expert community.


We value our differences.  An education is informed by multiple approaches to learning and making; and by the presence of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.


We recognize that communication is the cornerstone of community. Accessible leadership and minimal hierarchy breed a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.


  • To provide a learning environment that meets international standards.
  • To facilitate effective collaborations with the global design community.
  • To broaden the application of creative thinking to other areas as an effective method for problem-solving and innovation.
  • To raise student awareness and involve them in global issues.
  • To  create  a  network  between  the  school and production enterprises in Vietnam.
  • To promote sustainability in Vietnam and the surrounding region.
  • To combine modern technology and techniques with the richness and diversity of  Vietnam tradition and culture.
  • To positively change Vietnam’s perspective about the responsibilities and values of local industries.