Mai Thu Trang – Startup “Mihin” brand form Fashion Passion

Girls who have not graduated have their own brands. Mai Thu Trang – a 9x friend created a pretty new online model, started the fashion industry with the wool knitting handicraft products, thanks to skillful hands, Trang has “magic” ‘turn them into handmade cotton wool, wool scarf, attractive women bikini only with material of wool fabric. With the hand knitting quite meticulous and fancy, this girl’s item is the favorite of many young people and customers.

Active, young, and passionate about all the things related to sewing from childhood. Trang is currently a student of Fashion at Vietnam Design Institute (ADS). Just learning, Trang is quite fond of sewing and knitting. “In addition to studying, Trang often stays at handmade knitting machines,” Trang said. After all, it was time to research how to make beautiful little items but with aesthetics. Even as a freshman, is not a cost to expand the business environment, but she is quite risky when learning and selling their products.

The first page, I only posted on social sites, people seem to like and I sell a lot, later on I was receiving more orders. Larger for shops, and smaller orders from domestic and foreign friends. Initially, the source of capital to buy raw materials was quite small, mainly from a few close friends, the first difficulty is not enough capital to make more products, I only accept when the deposit from the customer. Later on, I was more active with capital and made more diverse and larger quantities. Most of all, I love this job. ”

Today, we made an appointment to meet the character named, “Mihin” based on the mark of his own brand. Listen to the sharing from her 9x this girl offline.  Can you share what you know about Fashion and what “coy” has raised the desire to study Fashion? I know fashion at a very young age – my uncle is a tailor, I can sit for hours at the sewing table to see his activities, free time often sewing dresses, or dolls. However, at that time I was too young to learn sewing with thread, fabric, and sewing needles. But in my sophomore year, I began to realize that I interested in making my own handmade items, and from there I learned to knit wool. Later on, it helps me to create the details to my liking. That is also one of the reasons for getting acquainted with Fashion. What motivates you to define your passion and decide to pursue fashion pursuits? Pursue passion? Actually, let passion chase you.

Passion is not something that you can pursue. It will always pursue you from the thought of your baby’s liking in the future. It follows you up to level 1, level 2, level 3, and college. From the most bored to want to give up most. The thing you cannot leave is passion.I started the business parallel with learning, so the cost and time is quite short, difficult in all aspects. Having been in high school last year, besides the pressure to complete the graduation exam, having to maintain the knitting wool to make me quite stress, more than 1000 times I think should give up passion. But think about the things that make you passionate and inspirational, and that is what motivates you!

Who inspires and influences your design the most?

Before, I heard inspirational quotes from Steven Jobs. I love the most talented businessman: ”Being the richest does not matter, it’s important for me to go to bed every night knowing I’ve done something great.” I see myself in that statement, it is the endless source of creative ideas in my designs.

After spending a year studying at Vietnam Design Institute (ADS), what are your personal experiences for future career opportunities? Although it’s only my first year at ADS, it’s about time for me to learn a lot from the instructors. Not only are they taught in the curriculum, they are also rubbing themselves against the international fashion industry. It is from the way of teaching professionally, together with direct exchanges of exchange students that have helped themselves a lot in finding new ideas. The best thing I have learned in studying at Vietnam Academy of Design is the opportunity to interact with extremely talented teachers, with a completely differentiated curriculum of international standards. The curriculum is very heavy, forcing me to undergo high pressure, but it is absolutely beneficial to develop the ability to focus and work in this harsh industry.

Although you are young, but you are ready for a startup with handmade products, can you share about this work?

Actually, I like making handmade items since junior high school, even though they were just knitting in pens and in pairs. Back then, to get a roll of wool and a small wool kit. Later, when studying Fashion Design, I had the opportunity to have more contact with raw materials, based on my knowledge of school, more aware of the more difficult knits, The product is unique, its products are also soulful, the needle nose just started steadily and since then has received quite favorable orders, forming more unique products. Not only stop there, the product I made initially ask you to buy pretty much because of the beautiful material. Besides learning, I make income based on what I have learned, is also quite interesting.

How fashion has helped you on the way to start a career?

It is not a high earning job, but for a freshman like me, just learning to make a living based on hobbies is a good start. Maybe later on, I will get my own label based on this work. The end of the interesting conversation revolves around Trang’s early startup ability – we are just like you are connected to a pretty clear message from her. “Page you may, you can … and anyone can.” Starting up depends on your efforts. Not everyone has the enthusiasm to pursue passion to the end, there will be many difficulties, when trying to achieve their goals, you yourself opened up great opportunities.

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