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ADS Vietnam Design Institute was established with a clear mission to become the leading professional school of art and design in Vietnam, specialized in providing design education on multiple levels of professional development for people who love creative arts.

Quality is always our top priority. We provide high quality training programs on international standards with modern methods of teaching and learning that are constantly updated according to world-class curricula. Our programs help students develop their creative ideas and abilities to the maximum.



of ADS

  • BTEC – Fashion Design

    This course helps you to explore the different techniques used to fashion illustration. While it is a requirement to have the skills and passion for the fashion world, it is also important to have the drive to explore various areas of fashion.

  • BTEC – Graphic Design

    Graphic design requires a passionate and creative mindset to apply towards visual communication. It is also important to be able to produce accurately printed documents to a professional standard.

  • BTEC – Interior Design

    The curriculum helps students with a general overview of architectural space, interior space and determine the principles and order of building an interior design project.


Our Lecturers

Our lecturers are experts in the field of design. Many of our professors are invited from prestigious university all over the World.

Mr. Kelner Krisztian

Interior Design


Interior Design

Mr Campanale Luigi

Interior Design

Mr. Phan Nguyên Bảo

Interior Design

Mr. Joshua Kersh

Graphic Design

Ms. Elena Ryleeva

Fashion Design

Ms. Rachel Yeonha Kim

Fashion Design

Mr. Ricardo Francessi

Interior Design

Ms Ella Henry

Fashion Design

Mr Michael L.S

Interior Design

Mr Gaillard Jeremy

Fashion Design

Mr Kamran Souresrafil

Graphic Design






My experience at ADS Design Institute provided me with basic knowledge about design to carry into my career of branding.

Nguyen Phuong Hong Hanh

E1, Interior Design

ADS is the perfect environment for pursuing your passions. NA-Muspell – MU Legend Zen The faculty is dedicated to developing the creative identities of each student. cheap mu legend zen After attending ADS, I am fully equipped with all the skills needed to pursue my design dreams with the most compelling and practical knowledge.

Chau Thanh Yen

E4, Fashion Design

ADS provided me with invaluable knowledge to confront challenges faced in the industry. ADS pushed me to pursue my passion.

Khuat Nang Vinh

E4, Fashion Design

ADS takes each students abilities and personalities into consideration to develop the curriculum.

Tran Thi Huyen Vi

E4, Fashion Design

At ADS, I learned how to express myself through design. mu legend redzen Outside of curriculum, students are encouraged to engage in student activities, promoting a community within the school.

Truong Minh Tri

E1, Graphic Design

If you are seeking an institution with faculty that is committed to each student and favor an innovative approach, ADS is perfect for you. buy mu legend zen mu legend zen for sale I am fully equipped with the knowledge and motivation to build my design dream.

Diep Chanh Hung

E4, Interior Design


and Events

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Associated Partners

ADS Vietnam Design Institute is a proud member of the Institute of American Education . We are also associated with the American Polytechnic College, Broward College Vietnam, VATC, Western University